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When Downtime Must Be Minimal, Polyaspartics are Paramount to the Job

When fire stations are upgraded, contractors must complete improvements while minimally disrupting operations and firefighters’ access to equipment. Oftentimes, the return-to-service window of products used is paramount to completing this task, especially when coating and sealing concrete apparatus bays.

By Erik Pisor
Tags: Project Profile
Concrete IS NOT Care-free

Consumers, often blown away with the low prices of desktop inkjet printers, forget to consider the additional cost of ink cartridges which put many of them on a first name basis with the folks at the office supply store. If you’re selling decorative concrete as no-maintenance, you could be missing out on tapping into the same sort of profit center those cartridges represent, either through selling products or providing maintenance services — or both.

By K. Schipper
Should You Coat Concrete or Not?

polished concrete coating

By Clif Rawlings
Slip and Fall Protection and Friction on Concrete Floors

measuring friction on concrete

By Chris Sullivan
Tags: Concrete Questions
The Right Coatings for Horizontal Concrete Surfaces

By Joe Maty
Slip-resistant Surface a Win for Vegas

AquaFlex concrete coating

By Vanessa Salvia
Tags: Final Pour
Stamp Shield Hybrid Concrete Sealer Promises a Change for the Better

sealing decorative concrete

Tags: Carlton's Corner
To Reseal or Not to Reseal? - Resealing Exterior Decorative Concrete.

instructions for resealing concrete

By Chris Sullivan
Tags: Concrete Questions
UV Cure Coatings for Concrete

 UV Cure Coatings for Concrete

By Amy Johnson
Metallic epoxy floors and how to install, control and manipulate them - Concrete Decor Magazine

brown gold metallic epoxy coating

By Jon Kopp


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